Informed by the recommendations of the Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging, our office will guide Harvard’s culture toward sustainable inclusive excellence by convening stakeholders, serving as a catalyst for strategic efforts, analyzing University-level progress, optimizing investments, and facilitating University-wide coordination

Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging

On March 27, 2018, the Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging released its final report to the Harvard community. A PDF of the full report, including accompanying materials for the community and report appendices, is available here: Final Report of the Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging: Pursuing Excellence on a Foundation of Inclusion

Our Strategy

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What are we trying to solve?

  • Decentralized decision-making and lack of coordination has resulted in uneven progress across the University
  • The complex and interconnected nature of advancing inclusion and belonging within a decentralized campus and amongst varied groups of stakeholders demand a coordinated, localized, and adaptive approach
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What does it look like?

  • We will focus on the coordination, convening, and complimentary efforts in partnership with stakeholders at Schools/Units across the University to implement recommendations and surface promising practices
  • This “One Harvard” initiative will align the university’s decentralized campus around a coordinated vision/strategy, collectively develop commitments, set priorities for local implementation, and amplify the areas of success
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How are we measuring success?

  • Progress will be made when everyone at Harvard has access to the tools and resources, as well as an understanding of the values and promising practices, needed to advance inclusive excellence in their own communities
  • A campus infrastructure that is informed by data, overlapping goals, and shared strategic priorities, will position us to compliment and replicate what is working well and identify what must improve

Our Work

The Office for Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging facilitates the collective decision making and localized implementation process in our pursuit of sustainable inclusive excellence.

These efforts, working with stakeholders and partners across the institution, will exponentially grow the impact of diversity, inclusion, and belonging (DIB) work across Harvard.



DIB Council

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Leadership Council

The Harvard University Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Leadership Council consists of leaders at Schools and those within central administration dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging work across the University.

People sitting in chairs in Harvard Yard meeting together in a circle

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Forum

The Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Forum will gather twice a year to convene members of the Harvard community to discuss University strategies and local implementations around diversity, inclusion and belonging. [More information coming soon]