TIE DIE Talks: Addressing the Needs of English Language Learners in the Pandemic and Beyond: A conversation with Steve Sofronas and Barbara Treacy


Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 4:00pm to 5:15pm



TIE DIE Talks event flyer in dark blue and mint green colors featuring event information and the photos of two guest panelists.

The pandemic has highlighted the specific needs of ELL students, teachers, and families. Ellevation Education is a national organization whose mission is to help English Learners (ELs) achieve their highest aspirations, with digital tools, resources, professional learning, and curriculum supports, working with school districts across the county. In this interactive session, we will discuss how Ellevation is working to ensure English learners have equitable access to high quality educational experiences, both through Ellevation's teacher and student facing products and the free content they make available to everyone for free via the ELL Community. We will also highlight the efforts of various school leaders around the country who have shared their perspective on the Highest Aspirations podcast, the In This Together docuseries and other initiatives.