Religion and Spirituality: ReVista Launch


Thursday, April 1, 2021, 1:00pm to 2:30pm



Person in a head garment holding an object with smoke coming out of it.

A FORUM hosted by DAVID CARRASCO, Neil L. Rudenstine Professor of the Study of Latin America, Harvard University 

FERNANDA ABREU, Brazilian filmmaker; MARJORIE AGOSÍN, Wellesley College; RUTH BEHAR, University of Michigan; ANA MARÍA BIDEGAIN, Florida International University; OCTAVIO CARRASCO, historian of religion; JESSICA CHRISTIE, East Carolina University; JULIANA COHEN, Harvard University; EVGENIA FOTIOU, Kent State University; RACHELLE GROSSMAN, Harvard University; EMILIO ADRIAN HERNÁNDEZ, Harvard University; RYAN CHRISTOPHER JONES, photographer; NADIA MILAD ISSA, Harvard University; ROBERTO MATA, Santa Clara University; MARY JO MCCONAHAY, Journalist and Author; REBECCA MENDOZA NUNZIATO, Harvard University; RONNIE PERELIS, Yeshiva University; GENE PALUMBO, journalist; ABBY REHARD, Florida State University; AMY ERICA SMITH, Iowa State University; VINCENT STANZIONE, Philologist and historian of religion; CHRISTOPHER D. TIRRES, DePaul University; DALIA WASSNER, Brandeis University 

Religion and spirituality is the theme of the new ReVista, with its formal launch April 1. Covering a wide range of themes from a changing Catholicism to Evangelical political power to Afro-Latino Religions and indigenous religions in the contact zones, ReVista authors will discuss the issues in a forum and take questions from the public.