The Publisher's Challenge: Developing One Product that Works for Everyone


Tuesday, April 20, 2021, 3:30pm



TIE DIE TALKS poster in multiple shades of blue color featuring the images of guest speakers for the event.

This event will provide a window into the realities and challenges of integrating DIE into K-12 curriculum development at scale. How can publishers make an equity-focused product that will be adopted and implemented in California, Florida, Wyoming, Illinois, and New Hampshire? Allison Johnson, TIE Alum and Associate Director of Accessibility at Curriculum Associates, will highlight the ongoing steps Curriculum Associates is taking to incorporate equity into its culture and processes. David Dockterman, TIE professor, will discuss how the EF+Math Program has put traditionally marginalized students at the center of its equity-focused work, along with the challenges of scaling, or not, products that are co-designed with specific populations.