Food Security in the Americas Series: Race, Nutrition and Obesity


Wednesday, March 24, 2021, 6:00pm



While the foods we consume are often tied to culture, the rubrics that we use to measure nutrition are often linked to science. What happens when we bring in the element of race and class into the consumption of foods? Using three distinct cases in Mexico, Guatemala, and among Mexican immigrants in the United States, this panel will highlight how food that is deemed "good for us" is often entangled more with the governance of immigrant and racialized bodies or economic options than nutrition.

Gerardo Otero, Professor of International Studies, Simon Fraser University.

Janett Barragán Miranda, Postdoctoral Fellow for Academic Diversity, Department of History, American University.

Emily Yates-Doerr, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Oregon State University and University of Amsterdam.

Moderated by Gabriela Soto Laveaga, Harvard University.