Building an Equitable Economy


Thursday, January 28, 2021, 9:30pm



ClassACT HR 85 invites you to join a panel discussion about one of the most pressing problems of our times – economic inequality. The panel, comprised of experts with both academic and practical expertise, will provide a historical and contemporary policy context to establish a shared understanding of why the US is experiencing such extreme racial and economic inequality today, and describe innovative and community-driven solutions that are helping people realize more economic equity. Panelists will also engage in a dialogue with each other and with the audience, and identify specific actions that the class of ’85 and their networks can take today to build a more equitable economy. Our classmate, Brian Smedley, Ph.D. (AB ’85) will moderate the panel discussion. Brian is the former executive director of the National Collaborative for Health Equity and currently serves as Chief of Psychology in the Public Interest at the American Psychological Association.