Harvard will be the world’s recognized leader in inclusive excellence by fostering a campus culture
where everyone can thrive

  • Harvard Honors
    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Harvard is hosting a series of events across campus in celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and our shared commitment to justice and humanity.

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    Photo of MLK at Harvard

Where Everyone Can Thrive

Harvard University is committed to fostering a campus culture where everyone can thrive, a key to which is ensuring that we each experience a profound sense of inclusion and belonging. 
To that end, as a reminder, our established core values are as follows:

Harvard's five core values:

Harvard community members are encouraged to always model our values of inclusion and excellence no matter where they are. Especially during difficult and uncertain times — whether locally, nationally, or internationally— let us always choose empathy and kindness, while rejecting hate and honoring the rights, differences, and dignity of others.

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What is Inclusive Excellence?

A community that draws on the widest possible pool of talent to unify excellence and diversity. One that fully embraces individuals from varied backgrounds, cultures, races, identities, life experiences, perspectives, beliefs, and values.

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